Saturday, 17 November 2012

About Google and databases

I suppose that most Chinese students usually use Baidu instead of Google, which is the most popular searching engine in China. In this way, I am not familiar with Google. However, Alastair Allen's makes me more clear about Google’s functions. I really recognized that Google scholar is beneficial to student to search academic sources. For another databases, I also like web of knowledge that provides students with a wide range of free sources and easy to use. 


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Our poster exhibit

  Today, our team exhibited our poster about information literacy in our careers. About our team’s poster, we used Chinese version world map as background, which stands for the information world, with 7 continents renamed by 7 pillars and fish in the information ocean standing for different jobs. We painted the 7 pillars into different colors and the fish of similar colors close. It means that these fish may have just finished learning the relevant pillar or may good at using this pillar. For example, the fish here has yellow and red colors so that it can use 'present' and 'identify' well. It is swimming to the 'plan' model, and it has also built a subsidiary.

Conversely, here is the area far away from all the pillars. So there is no job there, and the only one is dead, eaten by the shark which has fast speed, meaning it can understand all the pillars well and good at using those. Maybe this one is the next target. It is cruel, but it is fact.
  The most impressive one for our group is the team that regards the career as a game if we can understand the 7 pillars well. It is very interesting to think the career from this perspective. Many people think it is very hard to get a job, and after gaining it, they may afraid of making mistakes which lead to being fired. However, if we can understand the 7 pillars, we may get ready to tackle the troubles in work.

Topic about my assignment ---Chao Sun

  The topic I have chosen was about blended learning which I am very interested due to the learning method I have had before was most ordinary learning. In China, before student goes to collage, the teaching method is lecture in the classroom, using blackboard notes that relate to textbook to make student understand the knowledge. For me, I think this type of learning is boring and limited. In some big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing, the learning method from primary school to collage is relatively pluralism but still ordinary compare to British and USA.
  When I chose this topic, I regarded myself as a collage teacher, because I want to compare the two methods of learning, and change the current situation in China. I don’t think I am lack of the number of information, which relate to the blended learning methods. What I need is to filter this relevant information, and learn how to use them well so that I can make the class much more motivated and I can have better interaction with my student, they will also pay much attention and have more interests in what they have to learn. For teachers, they can get valued feedback about their teaching method and can change it in time. For student, maybe they can combine their habit to the learning method, and this can help them to understand the knowledge better. For example, in our literacy class, the method of designing the poster may attract those students who are interested in drawing.
  I also chose a picture about blended learning model to help me understand it better.

Different information of changing environment

Monday, 22 October 2012

My Map of Information Context

Our different opinion about Information Economy -----Chao Sun

  After our group discussion about the map of changing information and society, I wonder if I understand the information economy in a wrong way. From the map, you can see I care more about what can information help me in my life, especially cutting the expenses. For instance, I cut my hair once in two weeks in China, but after I came to Sheffield, I found that the expenses of cutting hair was much more expensive than in China. Therefore, I want to find a barbershop which has reasonable price for me, this is a process of getting information, if I know there is barbershop that is not far from my living place and the price is reasonable no matter in which method, the information is value for me and is helpful in my information economy aspect. However, what my teammates have listed is the value of information itself. Both of them are happy to get lots of free information from our library so that they needn’t buy any extra books and documents from the Internet. In my opinion, information economy should involve more about how information works and what affections it brings, because the value of information itself may not important sometimes. As my teammates said, they can borrow books from library, but the time is limited, and some books are not allowed to borrow, they can just read them in the library. On the other hand, the books in the library may not appropriate to us, some books we still have to buy. However, if we pay our attention to get information about how can we buy the same book in lower price, this is the important thing to our information economy.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

What We'd Like to Share about Information Literacy

This blog discusses three maps of literacy that we drew. Due to the differences of habits, aims and background knowledge, our three maps are a little bit different.

We consider the term of information economy from quite distinctive aspects. One of our group members, Chao Sun pays more attention on how to use information to help him cut down life expenditure. such as how to save money on cutting hair, or compare similar commodities in different shops. The other two care more about if they can get free academic sources because they want to learn all lessons better. 

About information technique, the content is totally different among us. Shuyang is very glad that she could touch more databases from library in MUSE, because it could help her get more value information; Wenjun is worried about the new systems in our school like MOLE2 and printing system because they may be different from that she used before, and it would take her some time to get used to the new system. Since Chao Sun’s target is information consultant in terms of database design, he worries about the database language, which he is not familiar with, and it may influence his plan. 

We have same opinion about the organization culture. As we are still students now, we decide to think about the group in this curriculum and the other group in Information System Modeling. Comparing our literacy group and the other groups which we have joined, we found that our shortage is our knowledge of information, because our undergraduate major are not close to the major we are doing now, especially for Wenjun. Therefore we decide to read more related materials to compensate our weakness.